As part of its mission to ensure the highest quality care for critically ill and injured patients, the Society of Critical Care Medicine assists in the preparation of future intensivists and other healthcare providers. These educational activities are designed to help institutions assess and teach students, residents, fellows and other clinicians about the care of these patients.

Fundamental Critical Care Support prepares non-intensivists to manage critically ill patients for the first 24 hours.

Pediatric Fundamental Critical Care Support is a major resource for those  learning how to recognize critical illness and initiate care for the critically ill pediatric patient.

Fundamental Disaster Management prepares healthcare professionals to treat victims of natural or man-made mass casualty events.
Fundamentals Faculty Academy
Fundamentals Faculty Academy
Receive an overview of how to coordinate and teach a Fundamentals course.

vCCR: Adult
Virtual Critical Care Rounds: Adult prepares students, residents, and fellows to better participate in their intensive care unit rounds.

VCCR: pediatric
Virtual Critical Care Rounds: Pediatric assists students, residents, and fellows in contributing to the diagnosis and management of the critically ill pediatric patient.

The Multidisciplinary Critical Care Knowledge Assessment Program online exam assesses the effectiveness of critical care fellowship programs every spring.

Fundamentals: Africa
Help bring Fundamentals training to Africa.