Chapters Alliance

The Chapters Alliance Excellence Award recognizes one chapter per year for its exceptional work. The recipient receives a plaque.

Deadline and Submission
June 1
Submission Form

Submission Requirements
One nomination letter is required that outlines how the chapter meets the criteria.

The Chapters Alliance Executive Committee will vote using the following criteria:

  1. Good Standing: Chapter must be in good standing as demonstrated by successful completion of ALL the following:
    • Submission of the following to SCCM by the proposed deadline:
      • Treasurer's report
      • Federal tax return / documentation of federal tax filing
    • Participation in 50% or more of the Chapters Alliance conference calls
    • Current Chapter By-Laws on file with the Chapters Alliance
    • Operational Executive Council and Board of Directors
    • Active and composition must be in accordance with specific Chapter By-Laws
  2. Education: Chapter must hold regular academic activities, including at least one annual scientific meeting, must embrace a multiprofessional and innovative approach to education, and must broaden reach to members. Preference given to chapters that have offered education symposiums and/or multiple educational offerings.
  3. Team of Integrated Experts: Chapters that have documented mentorship to members in various areas such as academic, patient care, research and professional growth. Preference given to chapters who provided multidisciplinary mentorship.
  4. Outcome Measurement and Reporting: In comparison to other members of the Chapters Alliance, the Chapter has demonstrated excellence among (but not limited to) the following:
    • Participation in Chapters Alliance meetings
    • Membership growth
  5. Continuous Improvement: Chapter has demonstrated improvement in the development and growth of their chapter, has used innovative approach to promote growth and contributed new ideas.
​Questions related to the award may be directed to Dominika Skarka.