Those critical care professionals dedicated to research are vitally important to the present and future of the specialty. Researchers -- be their focus on basic, applied or translational research -- are at the forefront of advancing knowledge that can be leveraged to treat disease, to improve quality of care, and to enhance patient experiences and outcomes. Integration of research topics and techniques into the educational programs, publications and communications of the Society remains a priority.

The Research Section supports research development among Society members and promotes communication about opportunities and networks.

Discovery, the critical care Research Network
Through Discovery, SCCM will foster collaborative research to promote the advancement of science in the critical care field.

Find multiprofessional grant opportunities supported by the Society as well as other organizations and institutions.

Critical care's two most prestigous, peer-reviewed journals deliver cutting-edge research that improves the care of critically ill and injured patients around the world.

SCCM Weil Research Trust
SCCM Weil Research Trust was created to fund research grants.

Research Surveys
SCCM offers a service to disseminate research surveys for individuals or institutions.

Building an Effective and Efficient Database for Your Research
Learn about clinical database design and maintenance with SCCM’s latest research webcast.